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Wolf Release Single Malt Whisky 500ml

A unique exchange of ideas, passion and casks.\nLark Distillery whisky casks were carefully selected by our friends at Wolf of the Willows, decanted, and sent on a journey across the Bass Strait. Filled with the Wolf’s Imperial Johnny Smoked Porter and left to age, they worked their magic before being emptied and returned to Tasmania, to be refilled with Lark single malt whisky. The result is the Wolf Release: a unique single malt whisky that reflects an adventurous and collaborative journey.\nNose: Chocolate orange, stewed fruits, raspberry Guinness, malty and musty.\nPalate: Apple custard, buttered pastry, juicy fruits, cherry ripe chocolate,smoked meat.\nFinish: Earthy, campfire smoke, chocolate shortbread dough, brazil nuts anddried fruits.

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