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Vodka 1L

Triple distilled and ten times filtered over 8 hours using a traditional charcoal filtration method to produce Smirnoff No.21, the #1 Vodka in the World
Created in 1864, Smirnoff No. 21 Premium Vodka is now the number one best-selling premium vodka brand in the world and is sold in over 130 countries. It is triple distilled from a blend of different grains and filtered ten times through seven columns of environmentally sustainable charcoal for an exceptionally pure-tasting, smooth spirit.\nSmirnoff No. 21 Premium Vodka can be used in a wide range of drinks and cocktails: served straight up or on the rocks over ice; with ginger ale and fresh lime for a classic Moscow Mule; or with orange liqueur, cranberry juice and a squeeze of fresh lime for a sophisticated Cosmopolitan. Or why not spice things up by mixing Smirnoff No. 21 Premium Vodka with tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco to make a fiery Bloody Mary?\nThis versatile vodka is ideal to make delicious drinks at home.







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